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Rapid Extraction Module Support (REMS)

The CICCS committee is ready to accept applications for “Qualified” personnel in Area “C” for Rapid Extraction Module Support (REMS). Below are the documents approved by CICCS and Area Fire Chiefs for REMS deployment. In addition, upon request of the committee, additional equipment was added for Area C teams which includes a total of 800' of rope (any configuration the agency wishes) and an additional 4 NFPA approved harnesses (class 2 or 3) for the engine company which the REMS will be assigned.  Other than that everything else comes from the FIRESCOPE document and the Standard Equipment List (SEL) which the team must take on a REMS deployment. Below is a complete sample packet (approved by CICCS), the standard cover endorsement letter, the qualification checklist, and a sample GPS training letter for anyone who does not have a GPS certification but who has been trained and possesses the knowledge needed.





  1. LARRO (Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational)

  2. Rescue Systems 1

  3. Rope Rescue Technician or NFPA 1670 Equivalent (Advanced Rope)

  4. Basic GPS Class (Certificate or Qualifying Letter from Fire Chief)

  5. RT-130(Current Certification)

  6. S-190 Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

  7. S-230 Crew Boss or S-231 Engine Boss

  8. S-290 (Classroom Based)




  1.  Fireline EMT (FEMT)

  2. Fireline Medic (FEMP)

  3. S-270 Basic Air Operations

  4. Experience as Single Resource/Overhead Position

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